Reproduction and Linking


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Linking to this Website

We are pleased that more than 1000 schools, colleges, libraries, and career agencies link to the Career Key website;  several hundred joined with us in the past year. We expect many of these same organizations to link to this website, as well as many others.

There are two ways this can be done – linking with or without "framing." 

"Framing" is a link that,

  1. Allows a visitor to your website to view the Career Key website in a frame, or window, on your site. He or she does not leave your site and go to the Career Key website.  Or, 
  2. Superimposes the Career Key website on top of your website without a browser window.  For example, if you click here on Travel Agent you will see that the page from the OOH is superimposed on top of the Career Key website. It does not have a browser window at the top.

If it did have its own browser window (i.e., you would see two browser windows on your screen), then, it would be linking without framing.

Linking without Framing

Virtually everyone links without framing.  The two conditions described above do not apply to them.  If this is true for you, just send a message to Vice President Juliet Jones giving your name, the name of your organization, its location, and the address (URL) of your website.  There is no charge.  Be sure you link only to

Linking with Framing

There is a negotiated fee.  For more details email Vice President Juliet Jones.