Business Networking

Business networking is an excellent strategy for making good career decisions, particularly for anyone thinking of starting a business and becoming self-employed. It is a simple, powerful idea join a network of friendly people who share information to help each other. Most people who have tried it are enthusiastic about its benefits.

Follow the five steps recommended in the Networking guide at our companion website, Career Key. While it is written for people choosing a career, you will find it of equal value. Just apply the ideas to your situation. Here are a couple ways business networking benefits people considering self-employment or who are actively self-employed:

  1. Find referrals for professionals who can help you start and sustain your business, like accountants, bookkeepers, and lawyers.
  2. Connect with alumni connections on LinkedIn for customer referrals, business advice, and researching the target market. Are they doing what you want to do, but in a different geographic region?