Getting Started with Self-Employment Careers

Have you wondered whether a self-employment career is right for you? Our website will help you decide. If you want to become self-employed, we help you through the process of matching your personality to self-employment careers and businesses.

We organized our advice articles according to the three basic principles of good decision making:

1.  Know yourself -- your strengths, values, personality, and skills.  This will help you decide which choice best fits you.

  • Take the Career Key Self-Employment Entrepreneur Test to measure two personality dimensions related to success as an entrepreneur and discover which Holland personality types you are most like,
  • identify the careers and business types that are most promising, and learn detailed information about each one.
  • Read about What Your Test Scores Mean when you receive your results to understand how your business success and job satisfaction is related to your personality.
  • The activities in Learn More about Yourself will help you understand yourself better.

2.   Know your options.  Think of as many alternatives as you can.  And, then      learn about each one.

3.   Make a good decision. 

  • At High-Quality Decisions you will learn a method based on many scientific studies that is widely used in business and medical settings.  It is easy to understand and use.
  • Still not sure?  Go to Career Indecision and consider getting help from a professional counselor: Career Counseling.

For business-related advice, also consider talking to a Small Business Administration / SCORE volunteer advisor. Visit our Self-Employment Resources to learn more.

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