How to be a Young Entrepreneur

Are you a young entrepreneur?  Do you want to start a business now or in the future? It's an attractive option for many people.

Some people call this the "era of the entrepreneur", see the entrepreneur as a folk hero, and enthusiastically urge young people to become one.  "Being your own boss" is a deeply held American ideal. 

On the other hand, even though more than 60 percent of adults say they would like to be self-employed, only about 10 percent are.  And, few young people are self-employed -- about 4 percent of those 16 to 24 years old.

As with any career choice, you want to be open-minded, realistic, and prepared to make good decisions.

We will help you.

Our advice and the activities are based on the best science and the recommendations of leaders in counseling, education, and business.

To be successful and satisfied in a career, there are three things you need to do.  Select the one you want to work on:

  1. Choose a Career that Matches Your Personality;
  2. Learn the Knowledge and Skills Needed in Your Career; and
  3. Make Good Decisions