Learn the Knowledge and Job Skills Needed

In today's global marketplace, job skills and knowledge are what count.

Work is an economic exchange: you are trading your labor for pay. You are hired for perform skills. Period.

In business, your success depends on your knowledge and skills. People will pay you for the products or services you sell, if you have the skills to make them competitive. If you don't, you will fail.

Fortunately, we know what skills are needed. There are good opportunities to learn them.  And learning them can be fun and rewarding. Experts recommend:

  1. Learn what the Foundation Skills are, and continually strengthen them.
  2. Read 7 Ways to Be Work and Job Skills Smart at the Career Key website and do the recommended activities, including the free, interactive skills list.
  3. Get as much schooling as you can. Do the best you can. Take advantage of school programs, like Career and Technical Education if they meet your needs.If at all possible, go beyond getting a high school diploma. Get a two-year or four-year college degree.
  4. Take advantage of the clubs at school and after school opportunities like 4-H, Boy and Girls Scouts, and Junior Achievement.
  5. Learn about business and self-employment. Read books and business magazines; talk with people who have there own business and those who ended their business to become employed.