Choose a Career that Matches Your Personality

Scientific studies show that the people who are in careers that match their personality are most likely to be successful and satisfied.

So, how do you identify a business area, a career, that fits your personality? 

  • One is to take Career Key's Self-Employment Assessment and Entrepreneur Test.. It is the only professional test designed to do this. It matches your personality with occupations where 10 percent or more of the people are self-employed.The test also measures the two personality dimensions related to success as an entrepreneur.
  • Second, use the test results you receive here, at our other website, The Career Key. In a section called Match Your Personality with Careers you will identify all of the careers that match your personality.
  • Third, choose a career pathway that matches your personality. If your school or community college has "career pathways" or "career fields", you will want to go to our article, Choose a Career Cluster, Career Field, or Career Pathway.
  • And, finally, do the activities at the Career Key website called Learn More about Yourself.  They are highly recommended.

Keep in mind that as a young person your personality is growing -- you will have a clearer sense of who you are, your strengths, and your goals in life as you grow older.