Career Indecision

Are you undecided about becoming self-employed? Your career direction? This is not unusual.

For example, in one's teen years and early 20's, a person's personality and abilities are developing. Your values, abilities, skills and talents are emerging. Frequently, the person doesn't know him or herself well enough to make a specific career choice. Practical steps you can take are described in Learn More about Yourself.

Another factor that frequently causes career indecision is that important information is missing. If you feel you do not know enough about the occupations you are considering, go to Learn about Occupations.

There are also situations, of course, where a person is unable to decide even though they have adequate information and maturity. Here we recommend seeing a professional counselor. Career Counseling will get you started.

Another approach is to take the Career Decision Profile test available for purchase in our eBookstore. This self-scoring paper pencil test developed by The Career Key test's author, Dr. Lawrence K. Jones, will help you think about your career choice by evaluating how decided you are, how comfortable you are with your decision, and your career decision needs.

And, finally, we highly recommend our ePublication, "What job is best for you?" You will find it at our eBookStore. If you are in college and deciding on a college major, we also recommend, "Choosing Your College Major." Both of these books are well researched and practical. They will help you make good decisions, ones that you won't regret later.