Search for New Information about Self-Employment Choices

In this step you search for more information about the alternatives you are considering. You find new information you can add to your "Decision Balance Sheets" -- new facts that support or change the pros and cons you wrote down.

To illustrate, one of Juliet's career options was to start a business in the graphic arts area. She loved art, enjoyed designing some websites, and thought that this would be a good field to start a business.  However, as she talked with business owners and did further research, she realized that her area -- Portland, Oregon -- was saturated with web design firms.

One day she noticed an ad from Oregon Health Sciences University for a medical illustrator.  Looking into it further, she learned that there is a strong and growing demand in this field to illustrate medical journal articles, reports, and books.  What is sometimes called "biomedical communications".  She had an interest in science and done well in biology in school.  Through the Internet and information interviews, she learned that moving into this field would require additional training and experience, but it looked quite promising.  Her special talents in art, science, and computer graphic design could lead to a freelance business that is in high demand and pays well. It looked as if it was worth the additional expense, time, and effort needed. 

Juliet's experience shows how important it is to actively search for new information, to learn all of the pros and cons, especially for the options high on your list.  And, you may discover another alternative that is much better!