Find Self-Employment Work Life Balance

Achieving a balance between yourself, as a person, and your self-employment work should be your primary goal.  Being your own boss, running a business, requires a lot of time and effort.  You will be the main force in your business.   If you are not fully committed to your self-employment work , no one else will be, and it will likely fail.  It is especially important to identify the intrinsic rewards that motivate you, as compared to extrinsic ones like money.  

The following exercise is highly recommended.  Take your time in doing it.

  1. Ask yourself, "What things have I done that I did well, enjoyed doing, and feel proud of?" Recall your past accomplishments, in or out of work, and write them down.
  2. Choose your top seven.  Write the name of each one on a separate piece of paper.Then, write down the strengths required by each one.
  3. Ask someone to help you analyze your top two or three achievements.  As you describe one of these experiences, they should listen carefully for the strengths they required and jot them down.  They can ask "what" and "how" questions for details, but they should not ask "why" questions.
  4. When you finish, they should quickly read the strengths they have written down.  And, then ask you, "How does this make you feel?" 
  5. At the end, make a list of the strengths you identified.  Afterwards, underline those that you enjoy using.  These are a strong indication of the intrinsic rewards you value.

Also, ask yourself, "What causes are important to me as a person?" Write them down.  Define causes broadly.  They could include social or political causes, devotion to family life, your religion, the creative arts, or recreational activities.

Then, ask, "Will I be able to relate my business to these causes?"  "If not, will the time and energy required to succeed with this business idea, allow me time to participate in these causes after work?"  If the answer to these questions is "no", go back to the drawing board for another business idea.

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